Typical Yacht Maintenance Routine

The following example is based on a year round, weekly maintenance contract on any size (25-110 ft) vessel.

Weekly Maintenance Services

  • Exterior wash & chamois dry
  • Clean Interior
  • Check dock lines
  • Check engine room
  • Check bilges, pumps, and filters
  • Check fuel system for leaks
  • Check charging system for proper operation
  • Bi-Weekly Maintenance Services
  • Check engine oil levels
  • Check gear case oil levels
  • Check engine belts
  • Check sea cocks
  • Check sea strainers and clean as needed
  • Check that A/C functioning properly and set as desired
  • Check & flush heads
  • Run Engines to operating temperature
  • Run & load test generators
  • Warm up electronics to burn off moisture
  • Monthly Maintenance Services
  • Check batteries for fluid level & charge
  • Check electronics
  • Clean and/or replace A/C filters
  • Clean A/C drain pans
  • Check navigation lights for proper operation
  • Clean & treat exterior Isenglass, vinyl
  • Clean & treat exterior glass







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